babiesbackThis room of qualified educators Trang, Jean & Nazareth, led by Trang, have a warm, soft approach to the young children in their care. Each child is treated individually and their home routine of resting, eating and cuddles is followed as closely as possible.

The babies are able to play at their own pace with toys that are developmentally appropriate but stimulating for their learning. Trangs curriculums incorporate a vast selection of play activities designed to stimulate the children's senses. A selection of weekly experiences can include: tummy time, soft play, construction toys, visits to the garden to pick flowers, art activities using the garden materials, afternoon tea parties with homemade refreshments, multi-cultural music & fabrics.

Excellent hygiene is essential in this room and strict practices in room cleaning are followed twice a day, the educators also adhere to the ELC polices regarding hygiene & health.